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A Brief Bio or Personal Summary

Currently a senior in the Industrial Design program at the University of Washington, I spend any free time I have (and maybe some time during lectures) drawing, designing, creating costumes and building terrariums for my (numerous) pets. Raised in Portland and now a converted Seattleite, my roots run deep in the great Northwest, which is where I draw much of my inspiration. I've never been much for bios, so here's a sweet quote that pretty much sums up my philosophy as a human:


The hand defines us in many ways. When you think about what makes our species unique and special, it’s having thoughts and being able to make those thoughts real. And the way our thoughts become real is through use of our hands to build things, to make things. -Neil Shubin


Personal Facebook URL


Publishing History

Unfortunately, not yet


Influences & Inspirations

My work has always been heavily influenced by my favorite artist, the great Alphonse Mucha. That being said, I've always tried to incorporate my own personal touch. I've always called the Northwest home and I try to make that influence shown in my work.


What are you currently working on?

Currently working on creating more ornithological illustrations that will (hopefully) be turned into a published collection!


Why should people vote for you?

Illustration makes me happy, and I think that by being a 3-dimensional designer I bring a unique point of view to the table. I work hard to make each piece represent myself and my surroundings.

Adrian Bardue

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