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We are lucky to have worked alongside so many rockstars - and even luckier that the love is mutual! Check out what folks are saying about Ladykiller's CEO Danielle Davis and her team...

"You know those rare people that you can count on to get things done, no matter what obstacles or challenges are in the way? That's Danielle, she's one of the smartest and most dependable people I've worked with in the games industry. I had the pleasure of working with her on a number of initiatives while she was at Meteor Entertainment, and I was blown away by her ultra positive attitude, attention to detail, and most of all, the ninja like way she always managed to execute on everything she worked on, given crazy budget, time, and resource constraints."


- Paul Jastrzebski: Developer Relations, Oculus VR

"I feel lucky to have worked with someone as talented as Danielle. She makes things happen. She's fricken magical!"


- Guy Brand: CEO,

"Danielle is a complete rock star. She's risen fast... because she is the hardest working marketing manager on the planet."


- Mark Long, Co-Author of New York Times Bestseller The Silence of Our FriendsFounder of Zombie Studios

"Working with Danielle was truly one of the best experiences in my professional career. Her impressive detailed oriented skill set and multitasking capabilities constantly amazed me. Due to her abilities, many opportunities that would have been lost were secured and executed on. I had the great privilege of working with her at several events that she planned and managed. Her skill at maintaining order a midst the chaos of these events was invaluable."


- Micah Monfrini: Community Manager

"There are few people who can boast the professionalism, personality, and talent necessary to truly rise and thrive in this industry. Danielle Davis is one of those few individuals. Intelligent. Honest. Dependable. Thorough. Amicable. Articulate. Versatile. Thrives under pressure. Wears multiple hats with the greatest of ease. Problem solves with the best of them. And regardless how hard she works, she clearly loves every minute of it. In short, Danielle is a rare find. To say that her unflappable work ethic and genuine drive to excel have become invaluable to our team is an understatement. From the most crucial assignment to the most mundane request, she has always handled her duties with equal precision and enthusiasm. Yet her unique ability to assess and anticipate our needs, finding new ways to strengthen our efforts and consistently accomplish our goals in bigger and better ways... this defining attribute has truly set her apart. So it is without hesitation that we recommend Danielle Davis. She would become a welcome and invaluable asset to any team, and we foresee a long and successful career in her future."


- Joe LeFavi: CEO, Quixotic Transmedia

"Thank you, Danielle! I got nothing but positive feedback, you guys were great. Made it all easy."


-Rider Strong (Boy Meets World)

"Danielle is a wonderful leader and has assembled a fantastic team. I wish I had y'all around all the time!"


-Molly Quinn (Castle)

 "We have been to many events with Molly and none are more complicated than a comic con. You and your team are stellar. You go above and beyond. Your whole team is efficient and humble. You even make the celeb's guest feel special and taken care of instead of like a 'third wheel.' There never was a time you were unavailable to us, which really helped. Truly a VIP experience."


-Dianna Quinn: mother of Molly Quinn

"I loved your group's work. ... you felt like teammates. Everyone I met on your staff was fabulous and cool."


-Richard Speight Jr. (Supernatural; Band of Brothers)

"Danielle is a miracle worker who has put together a team of people who top to bottom have her work ethic and kindness. I've been lucky enough to work with Danielle for four different cons so far and I am continually blown away by what she puts together. In addition to taking care of all of us, the exposure and buzz she's worked to create are palpable, meaningful and significant. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"


- Hal Lublin (Thrilling Adventure Hour; Welcome to Night Vale)

"Danielle and her crew are professional, courteous, efficient, personable, cool under pressure and, well, just cool in general."


- Craig Cackowski (Drunk History; Veep; Thrilling Adventure Hour)

"As a musician for the Thrilling Adventure Hour, I simultaneously have one of the least recognizable names in the show and some of the most involved technical and logistical demands for a road performance. Danielle and her crew handled everything with grace and aplomb, making me and the band feel like rock stars, and ensuring we had absolutely everything we needed. Thanks!"


- Jonathan Dinerstein (Thrilling Adventure Hour Assistant Music Director)

"You ladies are spectacular, kind, calming, knowledgeable, charming and without a drop of show biz bullshit."


- Terry Kinney (HBO's Oz; Co-Founder of Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre)

"You run a tight ship!"


- Jenna Stern (16 Blocks; Hitch; Law & Order)

"It's always been good news to see your name involved with an event."


- Storm DiCostanzo (Paul & Storm)

"My continuing feedback is that all you Ladykillers are absolutely outstanding."


- Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Men at Work)

"You’re such an ace! I loved my time [working with Ladykiller in Chicago] and I am continuously in awe (as a fellow producer) of how you manage to wrangle everyone."


-Janet Varney (Legend of Korra; You're the Worst)

"They were great - responsive, attentive, and detail-oriented. No complaints."


-Michael Ian Black (Wet Hot American Summer; Another Period; Reno 911)

"You and your other "Ladykillers" were so kind and good at keeping our boat afloat and ensuring smooth sailing for all of us JoCo Cruisers!"


-John Lowrie (Team Fortress 2; Dota 2)

 "Everything went totally smoothly, like an extremely pricey, well-oiled machine, thanks to Danielle and and all her super efficient (yet chill) ladykiller pals."


-Jon Spurney (At Home with Amy Sedaris; Documentary Now; Passing Strange)

"You do an amazing job at being the right side of [my] brain. Thanks for being so great!"


- Scott Adsit (30 Rock; Big Hero 6; Academy Award winner)

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