Meet the Team of

Ladykiller Casbah Rockers

Molly : Event Guru
Amy: Project Manager

Molly is a Texas native who moved to Seattle to earn her Bachelors degree in law from Central Washington University. She is the proud mother of two Xboxs, and has spent the last 10 years (!!) as the Assistant Publicity Director for Sakura Con. 


Molly has an extensive background in education, and loves working with the special needs community in Seattle. She works with Ladykiller coordinating events and managing the show floor. Molly has been working with the crew since March 2014 and has loved planning and managing events ever since.


She loves the YouTube gaming community and anything involving a controller. 


Favorite things: Gears of War, Mass Effect, PAX, Rooster Teeth, action movies, Twitch


Spends a lot of time: being a devoted follower of Neil Degrasse Tyson, obsessing over current Supreme Court rulings, being a noob at Call of Duty & listening to podcasts

Event Team

Born and raised in Seattle, it was only natural Amy would attend the University of Washington where she received her BA in Media and Communication Studies, with a focus on games culture. Amy is an Xbox gamer at heart, but has recently re-discovered the joy of Nintendo; the company that kick started her fascination with everything gaming has to offer. 


With a genuine interest in digital media and pop culture communities, working with Ladykiller as a project manager is a natural fit for Amy. She has been with the team since March 2014 and feeds off the energy fans bring to the events.


Favorite games: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Borderlands, Star Wars, Fallout 3, and Guild Wars 2 (the list could go on!)


Favorite things: Spotify playlists, my XboxOne, Borderlands and Mass Effect franchises, movies with friends, stand up comedy, rollerskating, burlesque shows. 


Current addictions: Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, music by Purity Ring, 'My Favorite Murder' podcast, Booktubers, Jenna Marbles

Danielle Davis:
Chief Casbah Rocker

Danielle is a transmedia marketer, publicist, producer and entrepreneur with a career spanning gaming, tech, pop culture, comics, music and Hollywood. With a special focus on marketing at comic-cons and gaming conventions, Danielle has represented and managed brands, games and Hollywood clients at well over 100. She also produces and manages tours both within the US and internationally.


Danielle founded Ladykiller in summer 2013 with the goal of designing and executing transmedia campaigns as well as producing live events to promote and represent a wide variety of brands and talent.  


She is the co-founder of I Heart Comic Art, a Capitol Hill benefit dedicated to promoting and encouraging local indie comic artists and providing artist grants. She also serves as a juror for Indiecade: the International Festival of Independent Games and as an advisor to SXSW Gaming. 

Danielle is a midwest gal: a Michigan native, with a deep love for Ohio, who went to college in North Carolina. She currently resides on Capitol Hill with two ridiculous cats. 


Favorite things: animal videos, Improv Comedy, musicals & cabaret, Terry Moore's Strangers in Paradise, carbs, Euchre, making lists, IMDB, David Bowie, Adidas shell toe high tops, soy milk lattes, Radiohead, Glenn Barr, Quiddler, Dan Savage, Led Zeppelin & Tara McPherson.


Current addictions: Pose, Renaissance era Roman history, vintage Broadway musicals on vinyl, The History Channel's Mankind Series, Our Planet, Dark Horse's Lady Killer series (obviously)

Kelsey: Marketing Associate

Originally from Texas, Kelsey moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. She has been working in social media and marketing jobs since she was in high school, where she convinced the taco shop franchise she worked for to put her in charge of their online presence, and eventually worked her way into corporate meetings.

Growing up in a sports-centric household, she also spent some time with Fox Sports and the New York Mets before deciding her true love was in gaming and pop culture conventions. She joined the Ladykiller team in March 2015.

Favorite Games: Tales of series, Monster Hunter 4U, Oddworld, Persona, Pokemon, and lots and lots of RPGs.


Favorite Things: her dog, the New 3DS, gaming conventions, baseball, and football


Sarah is a communications expert in the Greater Los Angeles area. Originally from Virginia, she attended Virginia Commonwealth University studying Public Relations and Business.  She has worked for such companies as Geek & Sundry, Maker Studios, fortseven and Loot Crate - and she's been casbah rockin' with the Ladykiller team since 2015.


As a PR Specialist, she has promoted games such as Skyrim, Dishonored, Guild Wars 2 and The Sims 3.  A hardcore geek and gamer, Sarah freelances as a games writer, and has worked on Heroes Charge and Blade: Age of Blood.


At Maker and Geek & Sundry, she worked with YouTube stars such as Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Markiplier and Jesse Cox.


Sarah also founded Nerdy But Flirty, a feminist gaming website and, in her spare time, co-hosts Woman Up! Podcast, a geek podcast that focuses on divertsity and inclusiveness.


In her spare time, Sarah is a pro wrestler named "Razor" on AXS TV's WOW - Women of Wrestling


Favorite things: The Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises, Saga, The Wicked + The Divine, Twitch, Crunchyroll, Fallout Shelter and cats. Cats, cats, cats.

Social Media Maven
Nico Lisa :
Graphic Design &
Digital Media

Nico is a interdisciplinary Graphic Design and Digital Media specialist. Nico moved to Seattle from Los Angeles in 2014 and has been working with Ladykiller since then. Nico studied at the California Institute for the Arts in Valencia, California and has worked for such companies as Dope Magazine and Tarukino Inc.


With over ten years freelance experience and 5+ years professional experience, Nico's varied skillset includes but is not limited to branding, web design, print & digital design, apparel design, illustration, product photography, packaging design, and motion graphics.


Favorite Things: Drawing, PC and console gaming, Taco Bell.