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A Brief Bio or Personal Summary

Eroyn Franklin is a Comic artist and illustrator. She has written 2 graphic novels, Detained and Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory, which received support from The Xeric Foundation, 4Culture, Artist Trust, and Allied Arts foundation. Detained is in a permanent Wing Luke Museum exhibit at Inscape, Seattle's former INS building. Eroyn's comics have been listed in The Best American Comics: The Notable Comics of 2013 and 2014 and appear on She is the co-founder and Creative Director of Short Run, Comix and Arts Festival which celebrates indie comix and self-published, small press and handmade books of all kinds from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.


Personal Facebook URL


Publishing History

Unfortunately, not yet


Influences & Inspirations

My sister is my biggest influence. She is a dedicated, obsessive, brilliant maker and the reason I make art in the first place.


What are you currently working on?

I'm working on a new graphic novel memoir called Dirtbag that takes place at the beginning of the millennium. After escaping the monotony of suburban Texas, I embrace a dirtbag lifestyle fueled by idealism and the search for authenticity in the world of drunks, radicals, and sundry riffraff. I embark on a lowbrow grand tour of dumpster diving, scamming rides, and squatting my way through Europe.


Why should people vote for you?

My self deprecating nature says you should probably vote for someone else but maybe Paul Constant can convince you that I'm worth a vote:

Eroyn Franklin

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