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A Brief Bio or Personal Summary

I think it's far out that as a grown man I still can find freedom and comfort by grabbing a piece of paper and a pen- and it really knocks me out if what I makes evokes something in other people.


Personal Facebook URL


Publishing History

Unfortunately, not yet


Influences & Inspirations

When the next Hunter S. Thomson is ready to go to space, I wanna be Ralph Steadman.


What are you currently working on?

I'm regularly drawing, trying to push my style and technique, but I'd like to apply what I do to a narrative form so I'm always interested in talking shop with writers.


Why should people vote for you?

II'm gonna be Ringo Starr and say that I'm just happy to be here, but when the going gets weird the weird go pro, so its time to get a little proactive- you should vote for me cause I'm pretty badass.  Thank you.

John Behr

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