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A Brief Bio or Personal Summary

Northwest-Northeast via Tokyo and Brooklyn. I've been self-publishing for several years, and have started to get some short stories published, with Image and IDW so far. Comics is my passion; the form, the craft...the full range drives me.


Personal Facebook URL


Publishing History

Yes, self-published (Web or Print)


Influences & Inspirations

Moebius, Tezuka, Otomo...too many to list really.


What are you currently working on?

Nemesis Enforcer, a Seattle/NW Anthology debuting at ECCC, my game design portfolio, and my first real full-length: MERCS. 

MERCS is a deep space romance, with heavy ennui. A Hard-SF Seinen Yaoi, and I need to make time to do it right.


Why should people vote for you?

I've had a couple pieces published, but I'm still very much working dayjobs. Winning would allow me to dial back to a 4-day work week for the rest of the year and put my Art back into the center of my life.

Mike McGhee

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