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A Brief Bio or Personal Summary

Robert grew up in a small village north of Chicago where he developed an early fascination for fantasy art and comics. He still has his Savage Sword of Conan and MAD magazines as well as an impressive Dungeons & Dragons collection.He earned a BFA in Illustration at Northern Illinois University where he also drew a comic strip for the daily newspaper, The Northern Star.After moving to New Orleans in 1998, he was heavily involved with the Gothic subculture where he deejayed, attended conventions, and started a well known comic strip called Writhe and Shine.Robert moved to Seattle three months before Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and will never complain about being unlucky ever again.He currently lives with his cat Mao in a small one bedroom apartment. He has been unemployed for the last year+, and is practicing his skills in Adobe CS6, working on both of his weekly webcomic strips, illustrating for Role-Playing Games, DMing a long-running D&D campaign, and attempting run a crowd funding campaign at


Personal Facebook URL


Publishing History

Yes, self-published (Web or Print)


Influences & Inspirations

Bill Watterson [Calvin and Hobbes], Bill Amend [Fox Trot], Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman [Zits], Stephen Pastis [Pearls Before Swine], Mike Mignola [Hellboy], Michael Manning [The Spider Garden], Serio Aragones [Mad Magazine], Mark A. Nelson [Illustration professor at NIU], Berni Wrightson [Frankenstein], Franklin Booth, Gustave Doré, Albrecht Dürer


What are you currently working on?

Both weekly webcomics: & [about a girl in Seattle that finds out her house is haunted]

A crowd funding campaign at Patreon:

A video game for iOS devices, Sinister Dexter:


Why should people vote for you?

I'm not very good at talking myself up, so I'll let you know how my friends describe me. Hard-working, dedicated, honest, funny, humble, smart, and deserving of a break!

Robert Tritthardt

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