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A Brief Bio or Personal Summary

I have loved drawing since I was a 1980s latchkey kid, coming home after school to lie on my stomach in front of Scooby-Doo, drawing endless pictures of princesses and unicorns and dragons and cats on an endless stack of PPG stationery stolen from the supply cabinet at my great aunt's place of employment. I've spent my life pursuing various creative endeavors from work in greeting cards (my cute kitty drawing skills served me well), to making my own line of wacky animal and monster hats that I sold for years at Pike Place Market. Since moving my hat and bag business online, I've decided to use my extra non-sewing time to working on comics, which is something I've always wanted to do.  There will probably be princesses and unicorns involved, as well as horrible tales of my 1980s childhood and my obsession with bad movies.


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Publishing History

Unfortunately, not yet


Influences & Inspirations

Movies, especially cult classics like Flash Gordon or Buckaroo Banzai. As for artists, I would give a non-essential organ to draw like Jaime Hernandez or Mike Mignola or Jill Thompson. Dori Seda and the butt kicking ladies of 70s and 80s underground comics are also hella inspirational. I love the weird but gentle feeling of Miyazaki movies. Bee and Puppycat and Over the Garden Wall are new and thrilling animation. Max Fleischer cartoons are old and thrilling animation. I love to sneakily draw people I see walking on the street or at cafes - when I worked on the craft line at Pike Place Market,I was constantly surreptitiously drawing visitors.


What are you currently working on?

I am working on a webcomic called the Cinefiles about my love of movies that combines movie reviews with comic illustration. I'm starting to weave my own personal connections to the films into the longer comics, and that's been pretty exciting. I hope to turn a lot of the drawings I've made also into a cult classic movie coloring book by the end of the year.


Why should people vote for you?

Because everyone loves movies and, let's face it, most movie reviews are pretty darn boring. Sure, you could go on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic and look at some random score to figure out if a movie is something you want to see OR you could read a funny and entertaining comic summary of a movie, possibly an unsung classic you've never heard of, and derive entertainment value not just from the movie but also the review. Everyone wins! Also, art supplies and movie tickets are not cheap and my damn cat needs the expensive fancy cat food so I could use the grant money!

Lynn Rosskamp

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