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Meet the 2015 Artists!

Drumroll, Please! 

Ladykiller proudly presents the following roster of local Seattle artists who are all eligible to win a grant - not to mention a whole slew of other awesome prizes:

Northwest-Northeast via Tokyo and Brooklyn. I've been self-publishing for several years, and have started to get some short stories published, with Image and IDW so far. Comics is my passion; the form, the craft...the full range drives me.  See More

Currently a senior in the Industrial Design program at the University of Washington, I spend any free time I have (and maybe some time during lectures) drawing, designing, creating costumes and building terrariums for my (numerous) pets. ... See More

I have loved drawing since I was a 1980s latchkey kid, coming home after school to lie on my stomach in front of Scooby-Doo, drawing endless pictures of princesses and unicorns and dragons and cats on an endless stack of PPG stationery stolen from the supply cabinet at my great aunt's place of employment. I've spent my life pursuing various creative endeavors from work in greeting cards (my cute kitty drawing skills served me well), to making my own line of wacky animal and monster hats that I sold for years at Pike Place Market. Since... See More

My mind is a swirl of character, worlds and creatures all of whom are simultaneously vying for attention. I have spent the better part of my life trying to do them justice through whatever medium I can best express them, from writing to painting to sculpting....See More

I am a Seattle-based cartoonist and graduate from the Center for Cartoon Studies. I have always had a love the underground comics of the 70s and try to keep the same spirit alive in my self published short story anthology Grump Toast... See More

I've been doing art and animation for video games for over 10 years, but I've always wanted to do an original comic strip for The Stranger. I was laid off last month, and I've used some of my new free time to finish my first strip, which I'm calling Smoked Salmon. I'd like to do more.  See More

I love to draw, and have been drawing my whole life. I love to share and inspire other people and artists to follow their dreams, as I have. I travel the world with my blackbooks and sketch the world. I am on sketchboook #34.... See More

I'm an art school boy turned graphic designer. I grew up on a steady diet of comic books back when Wolverine was switching from primary colors to earth tones. Before I start to grow stupid like all old people do, I want to do what I've dreamed of for too long and put my pencils and pens to paper and make graphic novels until my hands bleed. And then draw with my blood...

See More

I think it's far out that as a grown man I still can find freedom and comfort by grabbing a piece of paper and a pen- and it really knocks me out if what I makes evokes something in other people...  See More

Born in Anaheim California, I was transformed by Star Wars, and then discovered comics. I have read comics over the course of my entire life.

I'm an adventurous and engaged person, and I love the community and artistry that Comics has fostered in my life...

 See More

My name is Kara! I illustrate, paint, occasionally model, edit video, and sculpt. I came over to Seattle a couple years ago (from Savannah, GA) in hopes of growing as an artist and meeting other artists. I love having new experiences and understanding all types of people and lifestyles, which leads me to be a bit all over the map. I come from a background in film and was also once certified as a yoga instructor... See More

Ever since I plopped out into the world I've always had this dream of doing nothing but drawing comics all day. Alas, in adulthood there's a couple of jerks named Time and Money who are always pushing me around. I know that one of these days I'll kick both their asses and reach my potential. My brain is a massive factory of ideas! It's a daily struggle to spill them out onto paper, but I do what I can.  See More

I collect dead moths and antique teeth. Sometimes I raise the dead and I enjoy a fancy cocktail. I do watercolor and comic book illustration. I am an Aries.   See More

I was born on the East Coast, transplanted during puberty to the midwest, and finally settled on the West Coast after completing school. I've lived in Seattle for 10 years now. 

I feel at home in wild places. In Seattle vines strangle the architecture, plants crack sidewalks upwards, and water and mountains watch us from all sides. Like minded people live here and I feel at home...  See More

I've always been drawing ever since I've had the muscle control to grasp a crayon, and somehow early on I latched onto comics as the medium (or excuse) I would use to fill pages upon pages of blank sheets of paper with an every expanding universe of bug-eyed cartoon characters and gross monsters. I don't think I've ever not been drawing comics... See More

I've been drawing and self-publishing comics for over 20 years. I'm now drawing and editing the free co-op Intruder comics newspaper with 20+ Seattle based cartoonists.  See More

Eroyn Franklin is a Comic artist and illustrator. She has written 2 graphic novels, Detained and Another Glorious Day at the Nothing Factory, which received support from The Xeric Foundation, 4Culture, Artist Trust, and Allied Arts foundation. Detained is in a permanent Wing Luke Museum ...See More

Immortal Drunkard Beekeeping Homebrewing Punk Witch with dubious moral alignments, impeccable social grace, and a secret pact with the eternal flow of the creative power of earth... See More

Hi everyone, my name is Jon. I moved to the beautiful state of Washington about five years ago to start a family, and further pursue art as my dream career. I am an up-and-coming comic artist who wants to get his first break in the business. Years ago I went to college for graphic design, and then again for fine art. I try to use all of the artistic skills I learned in creating my comic visions. Currently I am chasing the dream of being a full-time freelance artist! See More

I am pursing a life centered around art. As a writer/illustrator I'm currently working on an historical romance in graphic novel form. As an actor, I'm involved in a short film project to be released in the summer and am taking acting classes through the University of Washington Experimental College....   See More

I am a Seattle-based independent cartoonist who works primarily in comics journalism and autobio.  My style of building images from densely knotted lines can be attributed to my background in print making.  I self publish Gone Girl Comics and have had stories included in anthologies in 5 countries--America, Canada, England, NOrway and Serbia....   See More

After getting engineering degrees I decided to make a comic instead. PIES is a full length, black and white, wordless graphic novel. A sort of brushpen vision quest, I've been told.....   See More

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