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Meet 2014's IHCA Artists!

Ladykiller proudly presents the following roster of local Seattle artists who are all eligible to win a grant - not to mention a whole slew of other awesome prizes:

Robert grew up in a small village north of Chicago where he developed an early fascination for fantasy art and comics. He still has his Savage Sword of Conan and MAD magazines as well as an impressive Dungeons & Dragons collection.He earned a BFA in Illustration at Northern Illinois University where he also drew a comic strip for the daily newspaper, The Northern Star.After moving to New Orleans in 1998, he was heavily involved with the Gothic subculture where he deejayed, attended conventions, and started a well known comic strip called Writhe and Shine.  See More

Katie Wheeler is a cartoonist living and working in Seattle. She attends Cornish College of the Arts for comic book art. Loves and interests include: finding the best chinese food in Seattle, writing strong and diverse lady characters, window shopping at art stores and reading comics. Katie loves Seattle and hopes to create a stronger artistic community for women in the comic industry.  See More

I'm a life long comic book fan. I love drawing and putting my stories onto paper. I'm currently working on my own self published book called GUTTERTOWN, which is about a futuristic version of Seattle where corporate overlords rule supreme, and all sorts of cyberpunk tales unfold.  See More

My mind is a swirl of character, worlds and creatures all of whom are simultaneously vying for attention. I have spent the better part of my life trying to do them justice through whatever medium I can best express them, from writing to painting to sculpting....See More

I can be shy, I procrastinate often, I'm indecisive, and I'm constantly second guessing myself. I love people, I hate violence, I keep an open mind, and I love to learn.  See More

I've been writing and drawing comics for most of my life. I also paint murals. I've self published one book called MUX. it was printed in Canada by Lebonfon. I also work with a group called Healthy Bunch. a comics collective.  See More

I am submitting for the collaborative group, the Collagemonauts. Bio below.Catapulted into world fame by deeds of indescribable daring, three men have sworn to tread the path which all people fear... the dangerous road beyond the things we know! They call themselves the Collagemonauts. In the winter of 2011, Marty Gordon, Tim Manthey and Craig van den Bosch began their friendship and artistic collaboration. Contemplations on the Dialectical Utopian Vision, a collage exhibition curated by van den Bosch at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center... See More

Nero O'Reilly is a short, excitable dude who lives in north Seattle with his boyfriend, two cats, and way too many comics. He's been working in the webcomic industry for three years at Slipshine, and has worked on many zines, anthologies, collections, what have you. He's a huge fan of spooky kitsch decorations, pho, and talking shop with other comics creators.  See More

UW graduate who decided to throw her degree out the window and go to art school. Enjoys abandoned buildings and long walks on the beach. Hobbies include illustrating angry schoolgirls and drawing comics about ghost kids.  See More

As a child I grew up between London and Washington DC. My dad is English and my mom is African American. Because of this, I was raised without the constraints of loyalty to one place or people. I've wandered Europe, Canada and Japan accumulating lots of different experiences. I woven them all together into a braid that I want to share. I have a story about the possibility of a new kind of future and way of life. I also have a varied background in web design, graphic design, and interior design, but unfortunately I've always been stuck in high end sales jobs my whole life. It's time for a change.         See More

Colleen Frakes has been making comics since 2001. She was a member of the inaugural class of the Center for Cartoon Studies, and was awarded a Xeric Grant to publisher her book Tragic Relief in the fall of 2007. In 2009, her second graphic novel Woman King won the Ignatz award for Promising New Talent. In 2009 she also invented the National Graphic Novel Writing Month Challenge (based on NaNoWriMo) and completed a 100 page graphic novel within 30 days both in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 her comic Island Brat was published with help from Koyama Press...  See More

Kassandra Davis is a Southern Californian native currently residing in Washington. Davis attended Cornish College of the Arts and graduated in 2013, earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Davis' goals and aspirations as a cartoonist and artist are to tell unabashed, truthful, and enlightening narratives which make the viewer laugh while also reflecting upon the themes presented. A painting professor of Davis' once said of her work, it has a crude vulgarity, which isn't a bad thing.   See More

hi im corey lewis, a seattle-based comic book creator. for the last ten years i've written and drawn my own comics right here in seattle. I have a graphic novel series called Sharknife and some self-published comic zines called Layered Jacket, Sun Bakery and Arem.   See More

Mashing up comics and music is what I've been most interested in lately. I enjoy drawing comics, making show posters and publishing a monthly zine called Making Stuff instead of Breaking Stuff which is a collection of art as an outlet.

 See More

I'm an illustrator and comic artist who's been living in the Seattle area for the past 10 years. So far my published work just includes a stint on Wasteland, from Oni Press, and a webcomic published by Wizard's of the Coast, A Rogue's Tale. I won last year's Russ Manning award, for Most promising newcomer in comics. This year, I plan to make that list of published work (self or otherwise) rapidly expand!  See More

I was born in Portland, OR, and I spent my adolescence on Vashon Island,WA being a theater nerd, making art and reading comics. I have a couple of degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in women's studies and opera singing from Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA, and another in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA...See More

Ian Jay has been making comics ever since they realized there was only so much attention they could devote to 7th grade algebra class. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. in Sequential Art, Ian has been putting comics on the internet for over nine years. Recently they published their second book, EPIPHANY, a graphic novel about animal people going through religious crises. They currently live and work in Shoreline, Washington, with their partner Nero O'Reilly and two very weird cats. See More

I am an illustrator who likes to work with multiple themes and styles. When it comes to comic works however, I usually tend to go with my childhood obsession of littering pages with pictures of cats.I have worked on independently published comics including Mewbook, FM Transfer and Ranagazu and I previously worked on the comic Zspat for the chiptune website See More

Enfu started in 2005 as a creative outlet outside of Ken's time spent making video games.Enfu is the Onyomi (Chinese reading) of the Japanese Kanji 猿風 (sarukaze), which literallytranslates to Monkey Wind. Since sarukaze is hard to pronounce for Americans, he goes byEnfu. He's been developing games for over a decade, and though he loves it, he likes havingthis personal project because it allows him to express creativity on his own terms.   See More

Natalie Dupille is a born and raised Seattlite and artist. Natalie writes poetry, but only in the form of comics, and illustrates copious amounts of food, along with teaching elementary schoolers art on a day to day basis.    See More

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